First Floor
A portion of the many paths throughout Floor 1
First Floor
Kanji 第1層
Romaji Dai 1-sō
Floor Information
Towns 2
Villages 3
Quests Unknown
Dungeons Unknown
Field Bosses 4

The 1st Floor (第1層, Dai 1-sō?) of «Aincrad» is geographically the largest floor. 

The main settlement on the 1st Floor is the Town of Beginnings, but there are also numerous other towns and villages on this floor.

Geography Edit

Unlike the higher floors of Aincrad, the 1st Floor does not have a particular theme or dominant geography. As the starting location of all new players, the great expanse of the 1st Floor is quite diverse.

To the northwest of the Town of Beginnings, there is a deep forest region. The northeast is a lake region. Players must pass through either of the two regions before reaching a significantly more dangerous mountainous region containing ruins, valleys, and more difficult monsters.

The 1st Floor Labyrinth is located on the far northern edge of the floor. It begins at part of a large 300 meter wide by 100 meter tall tower that is a portion of the dungeon that leads to the 2nd Floor.

Settlements Edit

«Town of Beginnings» Edit

The Town of Beginnings, also known as the "Starting Town", is the main settlement on the 1st Floor.

«Tolbana» Edit

Tolbana is the second largest town on the 1st Floor.

«Yakuld» Edit

Yakuld Village is the first village on the 1st Floor.

«Horunka» Edit

Horunka Village is the second village on the 1st Floor.

«Medai» Edit

Medai Village is the third village on the 1st Floor.

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