Dire Wolf 1
Dire Wolf
Kanji ダイアー・ウルフ
Romaji Daiā Urufu
Mob Information
HP 60
Damage 2
EXP Gained 1
Drops Leather Scrap, Col
Locations Plains, Forest, Mountains
Floors 1

Dire Wolves are level 4 mobs that spawn in the plains outside the <<Town of Beginnings>>, in the forests around <<Horunka>>, and in the plains outside <<Tolbana>>.

Description: Edit

Dire Wolves are among the first mobs players will encounter in their journey, but nevertheless they are still rather dangerous. They are fairly fast and difficult to outrun at low levels. They have melee attacks and also have a chance to give players a "bleed effect" when hit, causing players to repeatedly take damage for a while. When Dire Wolves agro onto a player, their eyes turn red. Players can use this to tell when the wolves are about to rush towards them.

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A Dire Wolf's appearance using Edit

the default texture pack. It's Edit

eyes are red, indicating it is Edit

aggressive. Edit