Central Plaza 01
Town of Beginnings
Kanji はじまりの街
Romaji Hajimari no Machi
Location Information
Type Town
Quests 12
Field Bosses Unknown
Floor 1

The Town of Beginnings, also known as the "Starting City", is the main settlement on the 1st Floor of «Aincrad», the beginning point of all players and also the largest town in Aincrad. It is also where a majority of the non-players in «Sword Art Online» reside.


The Town of Beginnings is the largest city on 1st Floor's surface. There is a central circular plaza in the city. The north side of the plaza leads to the Black Iron Palace, a large black palace that is the biggest structure within the city and it is the first building seen in the game by new players.

It located on the southern end of the floor and rests over the edge of the floating castle. The metropolis has a diameter of approximately 1km and is the focal point of the floor, featuring the teleport gate in the central plaza. The city wall forms a circle around the town.

Grasslands surround the Town of Beginnings, and they are populated primarily by «Boar» and «Dire Wolf».

To the northwest there is a deep forest region, and to the northeast is a lake region. Players must pass through either of the two regions before reaching a significantly more dangerous mountainous region containing ruins, valleys, and more difficult monsters.

Notable Locations

  • Central Plaza
  • Black Iron Palace
  • Grand Market
  • Church
  • Bank

Notable Features

  • Reflection Pool

Notable NPC's

  • «Kantorh»
  • «Merchants»

Known Quests

  • «Red Zoned»
  • «Unseen Competition»
  • «Boared to Death»
  • «Rooftop Racing»
  • «Health and Happiness»
  • «Cheesy Request»
  • «Metal Runner»
  • «Mail Making»
  • «Ten Armed Guard»
  • «Carried Off»
  • «Out of Key»
  • «Mail Carrier»